Ayuda: How to use this program

How to start practicing with Wespañol

You can start from any Wespañol page: Protagonistas, Escenas o Temas de Estudio. Each page can stand on its own, and also can connect you to other pages, each one with its own activities, so you can be in control of the order in which you want to study and practice. That said, we recommend you start with the Protagonistas page–the text contains very basic structures and a high number of cognates with English, and it offers a good model for descriptions of people and places.

Protagonistas entry page

  • Learn about the protagonists of the video scenes.
  • Select a protagonista and click on image to start practicing.


Protagonistas pages

  • Each page contains an annotated audiovisual description, a comprehension check, and suggestions for  study topics you may want to review.

protagonista Elena


Escenas entry page

  • Choose among 19 escenas, which take place in four different environments: the teaching assistants’ house (En casa de los asistentes), a professor’s house (En casa de la profesora), in the city of Middletown (En la ciudad), and on campus (En el campus).
  • The icons under each image indicate the resources you can find in each escena. (See section Icons below for more information.)

scene entry page 1
















  • Or choose the scene directly from the menu bar:

escena entry page 2











Escenas pages

  • Each escena page is centered around a video scene, annotated by Spanish captions and English translation that can be viewed or hidden.
  • Escenas are also supported by a comprehension check, cultural notes related to some relevant detail present in the video, and in most cases, by an authentic reading and a following comprehension activity.

Screen escena 1


Temas de estudio entry pages

  • Select a tema de estudio from the Temas entry page or directly from the menu bar:

screen temas


Temas  pages

  • Each tema de estudio includes text and visual explanations, with visual alerts to salient peculiarities, examples in Spanish with English translation, video clips from the escenas that illustrate the grammar or vocabulary, and several activities with automatic correction.
  • When obviously relevant, there are suggested links to other study topics.

Screen tema 1


Screen tema 2Screen tema_activities


Wespañol Icons

In Escenas and Protagonistas

In Temas de estudio

 Play button no backgroundTo start watching an escena.

Click on CC (close captions) and choose es (español) to see Spanish captions.

Play button no background  To start watching a full scene or clip from the escenas that illustrates the grammar or vocabulary presented.
button_translateTo open and close English translation of the video captions.

alerta 120px-Nuvola_apps_important_green.svgTo call attention about an important feature of the Spanish language, and/or a major difference with English.

blue checklistComprensión de la escena is an activity to check for general understanding of information in the escena above.

blue checklistIt opens the Actividades section of each tema de estudio.

After a grammar or vocabulary presentation it includes a link to a matching practice activity.

 Green studyTo go to a tema de estudio that is relevant to the presentation or activity.  Green studyTo go to a tema de estudio that is relevant to the presentation or activity.

world_icon One or more notas culturales to highlight a cultural issue that appears in the escena.

audioTo start listening to an audio recording.
study Lectura auténtica (auhtentic reading) that is somewhat related to a topic from the escena. It is followed by a comprehension activity.