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JAVIER: Hey, do you mind if we go in this store for a moment? ELENA: No, let’s go. JAVIER: Look, here they have jerseys of all soccer teams. ELENA: Ah! And what’s your team? JAVIER: Well, my team is Real Madrid, but I have come to look for a jersey of the Spanish National team for the Romance Languages Cup. ELENA: And what’s that? JAVIER: The Romance Languages Cup is a tournament that we organize in the department with the students of the different languages. You play soccer, don’t you? ELENA: Well, I’m not good playing soccer, but I can run on the field. JAVIER: Ok. Look, it’s here! It’s not the official jersey, but it is a little cheaper. ELENA: Nice. I’m going to need one of Argentina, but I’ll buy it another day. JAVIER: Perfect. ELENA: Hey! They have humitas! JAVIER: Wow! But what are the humitas? ELENA: They are like tamales. Do you know them? JAVIER: I think so. ELENA: Don’t worry. We’ll take them and I’ll make some for you. JAVIER: Perfect. ELENA: How many Hispanic things there are here! JAVIER: Yes, of course. The owner is Ecuadoran. ELENA: I see. Really, you can speak Spanish anywhere in Middletown. JAVIER: Yes. On Main Street there are several Mexican restaurants, there is a Puerto Rican one, there is a Peruvian one, besides there are Chinese ones, a Vietnamese one…Really, many. ELENA: Wow. The cultural diversity in this country is amazing. Shall we go to pay? JAVIER: Let’s pay. CLERK: Good afternoon. ELENA: Good afternoon. CLERK: Are you taking the humitas? ELENA: Yes, please. CLERK: Are you paying together or separately? JAVIER: We are paying separately. CLERK: Ok. The humitas are 3,99, and the jersey 35. JAVIER: What a nice store. CLERK: Thank you. There is a little bit of everything. ELENA: Thank you. CLERK: You are welcome. JAVIER: Excuse me. Can I pay with a card? CLERK: No, cash only. JAVIER: Well, I have to see. Look, I have just the right amount. CLERK: There you go. JAVIER: There you go. JAVIER: Very kind. Thank you. At your service. Come back. May it all go very well for you. See you.


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activity Comprensión de la escena



study_new Temas de estudio


world_icon Notas culturales

Other ways to say de nada

Although de nada is widely recognized in Spanish as you’re welcome, there are other expressions frequently used, largely depending on the country.

  • a la orden:  Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, etc. (literally, it means at your command)
  • por nada: Mexico
  • no hay de qué: Spain (lit., no need to)

Las humitas

You probably already know about tamales (singular = tamal), steamed corn cakes with other ingredients, wrapped in corn husk or banana leaves. Humitas are similar to tamales, typical of most South American countries, from Ecuador to Chile.  

796px-Humitas_por_Claudio.NúñezEl proceso de hacer humitas.

De Claudio Núñez from Santiago, Chile – [1], CC BY-SA 2.0,


study Lectura auténtica

El fútbol en los Estados Unidos

Esta infografía muestra datos interesantes sobre el fútbol, o soccer, en los Estados Unidos.




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