Acciones impersonales  
Impersonal actions

se alquila

Premise available for rent.

 se preparan bocadillos1

Sandwiches made.


La ropa elegante casi nunca se usa y no me importa nada prestarte algo.
Elegant clothes are almost never used and I don’t mind at all lending you something.

se + 3rd person of verb

This is common construction in Spanish, used when the subject is unknown or
unimportant. In English this construction is often translated as the passive voice
or generalizing expressions with one, you or people.

¿Como se escribe su apellido?
How is your last name spelled?

Se habla español.
Spanish spoken (here).

¿Cómo se dice …?
How do you say …?

When there is an object, the verb form coincides with the object (singular or plural).

Se hablan muchas lenguas indígenas en Sudmérica.
Many indigenous languages are spoken in South America.

Se bebe mate en Argentina y Uruguay.
People drink mate in Argentina and Uruguay.

When there is no object, the verb is always singular.

Se aprende mucho viviendo en otro país.
You can learn a lot living in another country.

No se puede estacionar aquí.
Parking is not allowed here.




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